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Dr Audrey Zietsman

GP in Pringle Bay and Kleinmond

Services Include

  • Acute illnesses and day-to-day medical care for the whole family
  • Electrocautery of various skin lesions including warts, skin tags, senile keratosis, molluscum, cherry angiomas and broken veins.
  • Botox and filler injections

  • Suturing (stitches) and tetanus vaccines
  • Chronic illness routine follow-up
  • Mental health care and counselling in a limited scope
  • Blood samples taken for laboratory tests
  • Well-woman and well-man checkups including Pap smears
  • Well-baby check ups including private schedule vaccinations
  • Family Planning services: including the insertion and removal of Mirena and copper T intrauterine devices.

Be your best self

People today are living longer and healthier lives, and often reach a stage where the age of the face in the mirror completely does not match with the person they feel they still are inside. A little softening of the lines of time can do wonders to the feeling that you are the person you were meant to be.

There are many medical uses for the tools employed by aesthetic medicine. Botox can be used for teeth grinding (bruxism), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), tension headaches and chronic spasms.

Filler injections can be used for anti-ageing, Bell’s palsy, restoring facial symmetry and filling in scars.

I inject with the purpose of making a person look healthier and more relaxed, and to bring out their best character points, like cheerfulness and kindness.  Because of artistic pride in a job well done, if a person wants normal facial features distorted, all wrinkles completely banished or entire muscle groups completely paralysed, they are encouraged to seek another injector.

Please note that medical aid does not cover aesthetic procedures. The basic consultation fee for purely aesthetic procedures (where there is no medical indication) is R450, and the additional cost of procedures is determined by the amount of product used. Payment by credit card is preferable.

About The Practice

I graduated from Wits in 2008, and did my internship at Helen Joseph and Rahima Moosa Hospitals. 

I am a general practitioner, passionate about family medicine. I strongly believe in the bio-psycho-social model of healthcare, where the person is seen holistically as a complete entity in the context of their family and society, and that every level of their life should be optimised, and that every contact with a doctor is an opportunity to do so.

Billing will be at Discovery rates

Payment is accepted in the forms of cash, cards, SnapScan and Zapper, and patients are encouraged to settle their bills immediately after consultation.  There will be a R50 surcharge added if EFT payments are requested.  There may be a small co-payment for some medical aids, and Keycare patients are requested to settle the bill themselves and claim back from their medical aid. 

House calls will be charged at an extra R410 after consultation, materials and procedures, to account for petrol and the extra consultation time booked off for travel

I believe....

…that the patient, their family and the doctor are a team, and the thoughts and opinions of the patient and the family are as necessary as knowing the vital statistics.

The patient should actively be involved in their own healthcare at every level. Further, the solution to healthcare problems is not always adequately addressed by simply popping pills.

A holistic approach that takes into consideration the whole of the patient’s life is necessary.

Saying that, I consider myself a scientist and believe that the best and most up to date of scientific evidence is required to correctly diagnose and treat medical conditions.

Patch Adams

…is my hero, and I also strongly believe in the power of laughter, joy, creativity and interpersonal connection as essential tools of healing.
Sometimes, the course of an illness does not go the way one would have hoped, but there is always a way to ease the suffering of the human condition of illness. Whatever the presenting complaint, from a healthy patient simply wanting a routine checkup to a calamitous medical emergency, I aim to have reduced suffering and increased wellbeing even before the patient and/ or their family leaves my consulting rooms


A gem as a Doctor. Had 2 jabs already. Always ready to help. Thanks Binkie Lees

Ek was al 2x by Dr Zietsman. Kan haar regtig aan beveel!! Charléne Van Rooyen

Dr Zietsman is a fantastic doctor. She’s “rescued” me in two after hours situations and I owe her more than money can ever repay Janet Lindup Longman

So great to have our own doc around ! ..and a good one at that. Highly recommended and appreciated! Pieter Wasserman

Baie aangename dokter!!! Het tyd vir jou en is baie deeglik!!!! Louise Oeschger

So great to have our own doc around ! ..and a good one at that. Highly recommended and appreciated! Pieter Wasserman

Ek is mal oor haar!!! Debbie Biermann

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Dr Audrey Zietsman

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